Title 10. Judicial Administration Rules

Division 1. Judicial Council

Chapter 1. The Judicial Council and Internal Committees

Chapter 2. Judicial Council Advisory Committees and Task Forces

Chapter 3. Judicial Council Advisory Body Meetings

Chapter 4. Judicial Council staff

Division 2. Administration of the Judicial Branch

Chapter 1. Budget and Fiscal Management

Chapter 2. Court Security

Chapter 3. Court Facilities

Chapter 4. Management of Claims and Litigation

Chapter 5. Management of Human Resources

Chapter 6. Court Technology, Information, and Automation

Chapter 7. Minimum Education Requirements, Expectations, and Recommendations

Division 3. Judicial Administration Rules Applicable to All Courts

Division 4. Trial Court Administration

Chapter 1. General Rules on Trial Court Management

Chapter 2. Trial Court Management of Human Resources

Article 1. Trial Court Employee Labor Relations

Article 2. Other Human Resources Rules

Chapter 3. Subordinate Judicial Officers

Chapter 4. Referees [Reserved]

Chapter 5. Temporary Judges

Chapter 6. Court Interpreters

Chapter 7. Qualifications of Court Investigators, Probate Attorneys, and Probate Examiners

Chapter 8. Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs

Chapter 9. Trial Court Budget and Fiscal Management

Chapter 10. Trial Court Records Management

Chapter 11. Trial Court Automation

Chapter 12. Trial Court Management of Civil Cases

Chapter 13. Trial Court Management of Criminal Cases

Chapter 14. Management of Self-Help Centers

Division 5. Appellate Court Administration

Chapter 1. Rules Relating to the Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal

Chapter 2. Rules Relating to the Superior Court Appellate Division