Rule 10.479. Education recommendations for appellate and trial court personnel

(a) Education recommendations generally.

Each appellate and trial court executive or administrative officer, manager, supervisor, and other employee, as part of his or her continuing education, should regularly participate in educational activities related to his or her responsibilities. Minimum education requirements for court personnel are set forth in rules 10.471-10.474. The following recommendations illustrate for some specific responsibilities how executive and administrative officers, managers, supervisors, and other personnel should participate in more education than is required.

(b) Education on treatment of jurors.

The presiding judge of each trial court should ensure that all court executives and all court employees who interact with jurors are properly trained in the appropriate treatment of jurors. Court executives and jury staff employees should regularly use CJER educational materials or other appropriate materials and should regularly participate in CJER programs or other appropriate programs devoted to the treatment of jurors.

(c) Fairness and access education.

In order to achieve the objective of assisting court employees in preserving the integrity and impartiality of the judicial system through the prevention of bias, all court personnel should regularly participate in education on fairness and access. The education should include instruction on race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, persons with disabilities, and sexual harassment.

(d) Education on quality service to court users.

Employees should regularly participate in education covering appropriate skills and conduct for working with court customers offered locally or by the Judicial Council through CJER.

Rule 10.479 adopted effective January 1, 2008.

Rules that reference this rule: Rule 10.471 Rule 10.472 Rule 10.473 Rule 10.474