Rule 3.1551. Case presentation

(a) Methods of presentation.

Upon agreement of the parties and with the approval of the judicial officer, the parties may present summaries and may use photographs, diagrams, slides, electronic presentations, overhead projections, individual notebooks of exhibits for submission to the jurors, or other innovative methods of presentation approved at the pretrial conference.

(b) Exchange of items.

Anything to be submitted to the jury under (a) as part of the evidentiary presentation of the case in chief must be exchanged 20 days in advance of the trial, unless that period is modified by the consent order or agreement of the parties. This rule does not apply to items to be used solely for closing argument.

(Subd (b) amended effective July 1, 2016.)

(c) Stipulations regarding facts.

The parties should stipulate to factual and evidentiary matters to the greatest extent possible.

Rule 3.1551 amended effective July 1, 2016; adopted effective January 1, 2011.

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