Rule 3.2222. Filing and service

(a) Electronic filing.

All pleadings and other documents filed in actions or proceedings governed by this chapter must be filed electronically, unless the action or proceeding is in a court that does not provide for electronic filing of documents.

(b) Service.

Other than the petition, which must be served personally, all documents that the rules in this chapter require be served on the parties must be served personally or electronically. All parties represented by counsel are deemed to have agreed to accept electronic service. All self-represented parties may agree to such service.

(c) Service of petition in action regarding Sacramento arena project.

Service of the petition or complaint in an action governed by these rules and relating to a Sacramento arena project must be made according to the rules in article 2.

(d) Service of petition in action regarding leadership project and capitol building annex project.

If the petition or complaint in an action governed by these rules and relating to a leadership project or a capitol building annex project is not personally served on any respondent public agency, any real party in interest, and the Attorney General within three court days following filing of the petition, the time for filing petitioner's briefs on the merits provided in rule 3.2227(a) and rule 8.702(e) will be decreased by one day for every additional two court days in which service is not completed, unless otherwise ordered by the court for good cause shown.

(Subd (d) amended effective January 1, 2017.)

(e) Exemption from extension of time.

The extension of time provided in Code of Civil Procedure section 1010.6 for service completed by electronic means does not apply to any service in actions governed by these rules.

Rule 3.2222 amended effective January 1, 2017; adopted effective July 1, 2014.

Advisory Committee Comment

Parties should note that, while Public Resources Code section 21167 provides the statute of limitations for filing petitions under the California Environment Quality Act, these rules provide an incentive for parties to file actions governed by these rules more quickly, in the form of extra briefing time for petitioners who file within 10 days of the issuance of a Notice of Determination. See rule 3.2227(a).

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