Rule 3.37. Nondisclosure of attorney assistance in preparation of court documents

(a) Nondisclosure.

In a civil proceeding, an attorney who contracts with a client to draft or assist in drafting legal documents, but not to make an appearance in the case, is not required to disclose within the text of the documents that he or she was involved in preparing the documents.

(b) Attorney's fees.

If a litigant seeks a court order for attorney's fees incurred as a result of document preparation, the litigant must disclose to the court information required for a proper determination of the attorney's fees, including:

(1)  The name of the attorney who assisted in the preparation of the documents;

(2)  The time involved or other basis for billing;

(3)  The tasks performed; and

(4)  The amount billed.

(c) Application of rule.

This rule does not apply to an attorney who has made a general appearance in a case.

Rule 3.37 adopted effective January 1, 2007.

Rules that reference this rule: Rule 3.35