Rule 3.55. Court fees and costs included in all initial fee waivers

Court fees and costs that must be waived upon granting an application for an initial fee waiver include:

(1)  Clerk's fees for filing papers;

(2)  Clerk's fees for reasonably necessary certification and copying;

(3)  Clerk's fees for issuance of process and certificates;

(4)  Clerk's fees for transmittal of papers;

(5)  Sheriff's and marshal's fees under article 7 of chapter 2 of part 3 of division 2 of title 3 of the Government Code (commencing with section 26720);

(6)  Reporter's fees for attendance at hearings and trials;

(7)  The court fee for a telephone appearance under Code of Civil Procedure section 367.5;

(8)  Clerk's fees for preparing, copying, certifying, and transmitting the clerk's transcript on appeal to the reviewing court and the party. A party proceeding under an initial fee waiver must specify with particularity the documents to be included in the clerk's transcript on appeal;

(9)  The fee under rule 8.130(b) or rule 8.834(b) for the court to hold in trust the deposit for a reporter's transcript on appeal; and

(10)  The clerk's fee for preparing a transcript of an official electronic recording under rule 8.835 or a copy of such an electronic recording.

Rule 3.55 amended effective September 1, 2019; adopted as rule 3.61 effective January 1, 2007; previously amended and renumbered as rule 3.55 effective July 1, 2009; previously amended effective January 1, 2009; and July 1, 2015.

Advisory Committee Comment

The inclusion of court reporter's fees in the fees waived upon granting an application for an initial fee waiver is intended to provide a fee waiver recipient with an official court reporter or other valid means to create an official verbatim record, for purposes of appeal, on a request. (See Jameson v. Desta (2018) 5 Cal.5th 594.) It is intended to include within a waiver all fees mandated under the Government Code for the cost of court reporting services provided by a court.

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