Rule 3.720. Application

(a) General application.

The rules in this chapter prescribe the procedures for the management of all applicable court cases. These rules may be referred to as "the case management rules."

(Subd (a) amended and lettered effective February 26, 2013; adopted as unlettered subd.)

(b) Suspension of rules.

A court by local rule may exempt specified types or categories of general civil cases from the case management rules in this chapter, provided that the court has in place alternative procedures for case processing and trial setting for such actions, including, without limitation, compliance with Code of Civil Procedure sections 1141.10 et seq. and 1775 et seq. The court must include the alternative procedures in its local rules.

(Subd (b) amended effective January 1, 2020; adopted effective February 26, 2013; previously amended effective January 1, 2016.)

(c) Rules when case management conference set.

In any case in which a court sets an initial case management conference, the rules in this chapter apply.

(Subd (c) adopted effective February 26, 2013.)

Rule 3.720 amended effective January 1, 2020; adopted effective January 1, 2007; previously amended effective February 26, 2013, and January 1. 2016.

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