Title 5. Family and Juvenile Rules

Division 1. Family Rules

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. General Provisions

Article 2: Use of Forms

Article 3. Appearance by Telephone

Article 4. Discovery

Article 5: Sanctions

Chapter 2. Parties and Joinder of Parties

Article 1. Parties to Proceedings

Article 2. Joinder of Parties

Article 3. Employee Pension Benefit Plan

Chapter 3. Filing Fees and Fee Waivers

Article 1. Filing Fees and Fee Waivers

Article 2. Special Procedures

Chapter 4. Starting and Responding to a Family Law Case; Service of Papers

Article 1. Summonses, Notices, and Declarations

Article 2. Initial Pleadings

Article 3. Service of Papers

Article 4. Manner of Service

Article 5. Pleadings and Amended Pleadings

Article 6. Specific Proceedings

Chapter 5. Family Centered Case Resolution Plans

Chapter 6. Request for Court Orders

Article 1. General Provisions

Article 2. Filing and Service

Article 3. Meet-and-Confer Conferences

Article 4. Evidence at Hearings

Article 5. Reporting and Preparation of Order After Hearing

Article 6. Special Immigrant Juvenile Findings

Chapter 7. Request for Emergency Orders (Ex parte Orders)

Article 1. Request for Emergency Orders (Ex parte Orders)

Article 2. Notice, Service, Appearance

Article 3. Procedural Matters Not Requiring Notice (Non-Emergency Orders)

Chapter 8. Child Custody and Visitation (Parenting Time) Proceedings

Article 1. Child Custody Mediation

Article 2. Child Custody Investigations and Evaluations

Article 3. Ex parte Communication

Article 4. Counsel Appointed to Represent a Child

Article 5. Children's Participation in Family Court

Chapter 9. Child, Spousal, and Domestic Partner Support

Article 1. General Provisions

Article 2. Certification of Statewide Uniform Guideline Support Calculators

Chapter 10. Government Child Support Cases (Title IV-D Support Cases)

Chapter 11. Domestic Violence Cases

Article 1. Domestic Violence Prevention Act Cases

Article 2. Tribal Court Protective Orders

Chapter 12. Separate Trials (Bifurcation) and Interlocutory Appeals

Article 1. Separate Trials

Article 2. Interlocutory Appeals

Chapter 13. Trials and Long-Cause Hearings

Chapter 14. Default Proceedings and Judgments

Chapter 15. Settlement Services

Chapter 16. Limited Scope Representation; Attorney's Fees and Costs

Article 1. Limited Scope Representation

Article 2. Attorney's Fees and Costs

Chapter 17. Family Law Facilitator

Chapter 18. Court Coordination Rules

Division 2. Rules Applicable in Family and Juvenile Proceedings

Chapter 1. Contact and Coordination

Chapter 2. Indian Child Welfare Act

Chapter 3. Adoptions under the Hague Adoption Convention

Chapter 4: Protective Orders

Division 3. Juvenile Rules

Chapter 1. Preliminary Provisions-Title and Definitions

Chapter 2. Commencement of Juvenile Court Proceedings

Chapter 3. General Conduct of Juvenile Court Proceedings

Chapter 4. Subsequent Petitions and Modifications

Chapter 5. Appellate Review

Chapter 6. Emancipation

Chapter 7. Intercounty Transfers

Chapter 8. Restraining Orders, Custody Orders, and Guardianships General Court Authority

Chapter 9. Parentage

Chapter 10. Medication, Mental Health, and Education

Chapter 11. Advocates for Parties

Chapter 12. Cases Petitioned Under Section 300

Article 1. Initial Hearing

Article 2. Jurisdiction

Article 3. Disposition

Article 4. Reviews, Permanent Planning

Chapter 13. Cases Petitioned Under Sections 601 and 602

Article 1. Initial Appearance

Article 2. Fitness Hearings

Article 3. Jurisdiction

Article 4. Disposition

Article 5. Reviews and Sealing

Chapter 14. Nonminor Dependent