Title 7. Probate Rules

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Chapter 2. Notices, Publication, and Service

Chapter 3. Pleadings

Chapter 4. Appointment of Executors and Administrators

Chapter 5. Bonding of Personal Representatives, Guardians, Conservators, and Trustees

Chapter 6. Independent Administration of Estates

Chapter 7. Spousal or Domestic Partner Property Petitions

Chapter 8. Petitions for Instructions [Reserved]

Chapter 9. Creditors' Claims

Chapter 10. Sales of Real and Personal Property

Chapter 11. Inventory and Appraisal

Chapter 12. Accounts and Reports of Executors, Administrators, Conservators, and Guardians

Chapter 13. Taxes [Reserved]

Chapter 14. Preliminary and Final Distributions

Chapter 15. Compensation of Personal Representatives and Attorneys

Chapter 16. Compensation in All Matters Other Than Decedents' Estates

Chapter 17. Contested Hearings and Trials

Chapter 18. Discovery [Reserved]

Chapter 19. Trusts

Chapter 20. Claims of Minors and Persons With Disabilities

Chapter 21. Guardianships

Chapter 22. Conservatorships

Chapter 23. Court-Appointed Counsel in Probate Proceedings