Rule 8.912. Contents of clerk's transcript

Except in appeals covered by rule 8.920 or when the parties have filed a stipulation under rule 8.910(b) that any of these items is not required for proper determination of the appeal, the clerk's transcript must contain:

(1)  The complaint, including any notice to appear, and any amendment;

(2)  Any demurrer or other plea;

(3)  All court minutes;

(4)  Any written findings or opinion of the court;

(5)  The judgment or order appealed from;

(6)  Any motion or notice of motion for new trial, in arrest of judgment, or to dismiss the action, with supporting and opposing memoranda and attachments;

(7)  Any transcript of a sound or sound-and-video recording tendered to the court under rule 2.1040;

(8)  The notice of appeal; and

(9)  If the appellant is the defendant:

(A)  Any written defense motion denied in whole or in part, with supporting and opposing memoranda and attachments; and

(B)  If related to a motion under (A), any search warrant and return.

Rule 8.912 adopted effective January 1, 2009.

Rules that reference this rule: Rule 8.910