Rule 8.971. Definitions

The definitions in rule 1.6 apply to these rules unless the context or subject matter requires otherwise. In addition, the following definitions apply to these rules:

(1)  "Writ" means an order telling the small claims court to do something that the law says it must do, or not do something the law says it must not do. The various types of writs covered by this chapter are described in statutes beginning at section 1067 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

(2)  "Petition" means a request for a writ.

(3)  "Petitioner" means the person asking for the writ.

(4)  "Respondent" and "small claims court" mean the court against which the writ is sought.

(5)  "Real party in interest" means any other party in the small claims court case who would be affected by a ruling regarding the request for a writ.

Rule 8.971 adopted effective January 1, 2016.

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